Well, it´s not like at home. There are some differences. We would like to apologise for the great sea, the annoying Sun and really lovely appartements. We cannot avoid that, but the rest is like at home.


Dita and Toni

Try to imagine…you had a to spend a holiday in Croatia and after a few days it suddenly became your second home. This happened to one blond Czech girl Dita and her Croatian captain Toni. They do their best to accomodate you at their disposals as the only aim is to make you feel great at your holidays. Dita and Toni don´t offer just accomodation but also trips and good tips for activities you can do at your second home. And in case of troubles they are here for you as your second family. If you like unpersonal hotel this second home is not for you.


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8 důvodů, proč jet (zase) do Chorvatska

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Jak nezabloudit v NP Krka

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